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Our customers' commendations and appreciations are an essential part of how we measure our success.

Northampton Branch

  • Chelsea Bartlett

    This is the first time I have come back from having my brows waxed & tinted and have truly been HAPPY with them. Raj did them evenly and took time and care to make them look amazing. The BEST. Won't go anywhere else for them now. Thank you.

  • Melisa Bolton

    Raj always does my eyebrows amazing (tinted and threaded), got my eyelashes done fire the first time by her and they look amazing!

  • Kristine Downes

    Loving the gel polish. Thank you Raj.

  • Darina Jermaka

    Thanks a lot for excellent work and customer service!

  • Rahab Mbugua

    I loved it...excellent work

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